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Is your workplace prepared for an active shooter?

The sad reality in today’s world is that we all know what the term “active shooter training” means. Even so, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself.

As a business owner or human resources professional you may believe this type of situation will never happen to you. In fact, you might not think of it at all. Nevertheless, we believe that forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, at Rubicon Protection we believe it’s important for business, civic, education, and religious leaders to be prepared. Just in case.

Why choose Rubicon Active Shooter Training?

First, our team of training facilitators are law enforcement veterans. Second, you will learn straight from the pros how to anticipate, respond to, and prepare for such a situation. Third, in this training program, we share practical tips and strategies to either safely neutralize or safely exit an escalating situation.

At Rubicon Protection we definitely know the harm and devastation an active shooter can cause. Moreover, an active shooter incident can occur at any time, anywhere. Whereas they commonly take place in crowded public areas, active shooters can also strike in school, church, or work settings. We give you the tools to protect yourself as well as those around you.

Who should take this training?

It should be noted that active shooters often act randomly. In other words, there are no limitations on who may attend this training. In addition, if you work in a group environment, training your entire team would help to fortify your resources should the worst case scenario happen. Finally, Rubicon Protection conducts training for groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

Our classes include members of these professions:

  • Business owners
  • Safety leaders
  • Retail security personnel
  • Facilities managers
  • Human resources representatives
  • School administrators
  • College officials
  • Professors
  • School teachers
  • Religious leaders

If you think your group might benefit from active shooter training, call us today for more information.

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