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At Rubicon Protection, we provide Armed and Unarmed Officers for individuals who want protection for themselves as well as their loved ones. Dedicated personal protection detail can give you peace of mind knowing that your safety is in the hands of a professional. Armed and Unarmed Officers can be particularly helpful in deterring threats in addition to protecting you from harm. Last, but not least, an Armed and Unarmed Officer will help you avoid dangerous situations.

Protection Details

If you’re searching for Armed and Unarmed Officers, we can help. Rubicon Protection will provide any size security detail to ensure adequate coverage. We scale our services according to your lifestyle, no matter how demanding it is. Whereas corporate or political bodyguards may require our staff to be more professionally attired, we also feature plainclothes bodyguards. These team members are inconspicuous, so they blend into their environment.

Rubicon bodyguards will not only safeguard you, your home, and your business, but we’ll also protect your family. Furthermore, if your commitments include travel, we’ll accompany you to ensure seamless coverage at all times. Without a doubt, Rubicon has the experience – and professionalism – you can trust.


We help plan your travel, too. When have a demanding job that requires travel, your top priority should be your work, not your safety. Whereas some high-profile individuals need personal protection at home, many prefer to travel with a bodyguard as well.

Unlike some protection companies whose services are limited by geographic constraints, our insurance covers our operations worldwide. So, there are no limits to the lengths we’ll go to to protect you. Besides, the Rubicon Protection team can support you in preparing your itinerary. We can assist not only with travel planning and logistics, but we can also participate in your travel activities. This can include performing security intelligence and threat assessments.


Particularly in the social media age, it’s important to understand when and where a security threat could originate. As a complement to our personal protection services, Rubicon Protection’s security intelligence systems will identify, acquire, and analyze information about potential threats. Importantly, this allows us to be strategic about the type of protection we provide. Moreover, we use advanced software that monitors threats on social media in real time. Therefore, with our ability to apply keywords and geo fenced search locations, our analysts will warn our protection teams about security threats so they can respond accordingly.


Your protection is our passion. Maybe you believe your current security level is adequate. Nonetheless, it’s normal to have blind spots. Contrary to what many people think, our increasingly interconnected world can leave us exposed to hidden dangers.

Before you have a chance to encounter a security threat first-hand, our team will perform an assessment to determine how and if your current security is lacking.  In addition to your personal safety, a threat assessment considers your business, locations, habits, and lifestyle in particular. Besides, we’ll pinpoint areas that leave you vulnerable and expose you to danger.