What Is A Bodyguard?

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Individuals hired for the purpose of protecting a client or clients are known as bodyguards. Most cases where people hire them include those who are in fear of being harmed by someone due to legal action, being an important figure like a politician or an active celebrity. Events also use bodyguards in order to ensure the safety of those in attendance. In order to become a bodyguard, oftentimes they are required to have certifications and undergo training in hand-to-hand combat, as well as gun handling. 

What Is A Bodyguard?

The job of a bodyguard is significant for the safety of their clients. They have to use themselves as a shield to protect their clients, and in some cases this is deadly. High risk clients are an example of such a situation, those susceptible to kidnappings or assault. To carry out the job successfully, they must be adaptive and react quickly in dire situations in which they must make decisions immediately or be very aware of their surroundings. Bodyguards are authorized to carry weapons, as a means to protect their clients. Oftentimes, these individuals have work experience in the military or law enforcement, where they have been able to use their firearm training. Depending on how long the client needs protection, some workers have to travel with clients in order to ensure 100% protection.

Who Hires Them?

As previously mentioned, all types of people hire bodyguards at different rates. Those who are in a higher state of danger may need more bodies to protect them, rather than someone who is at a lower rate of danger. In high rated cases, politicians, CEO’s, and celebrities are examples of those in need of more protection. Events may also hire security which most definitely requires a larger amount of bodyguards, so concerts and festivals would also be considered to be on a higher scale. In contrast,  those who need to protecting from stalkers or clients in an ongoing case may need only one individual to protect them from danger. 

Job Benefits

Though there is the physical benefit of staying in shape, there are other benefits to being a bodyguard. Socially, being a bodyguard gives you the opportunity to work and get to know different types of people. Clients are essentially a temporary friend that you go places with and keep an eye on. Being a bodyguard is not cheap, depending on the company, you are paid for the time and effort. Bodyguards are able to take notice of smaller details in their environment. So, through training, these individuals are sharpening their observational skills.

Downsides Of The Job

Of course, with the good comes bad. In this case, being a bodyguard is extremely time consuming. It is not the most flexible job, considering hours, when and where you work. Some clients are not the most respectful, which adds an extra step to the job. Depending on who the client is, the worker’s life may also be on the line. Being alert and always keeping one eye open is also always on the table for bodyguards. For some, this grows to be stressful and anxiety inducing for some who go into the field.

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