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Protection Details

If you’re a high-profile business leader, CEO, or politician, Rubicon Protection offers executive protection. Moreover, we can scale our services according to your needs. Our executive protection service includes protection of your family, home, and business, in addition to your vehicles. When you hire Rubicon Protection, you can rest assured that everyone on our team has been thoroughly vetted. Above all, we hire only the most qualified candidates from military and law enforcement backgrounds.


In addition to protecting you, we provide any size security detail to ensure adequate coverage for your family members. We can assist not only in travel planning and logistics, but we’ll also participate in all phases of your trip. Besides, we can accommodate business schedules and lifestyles. Unlike other security companies that have geographic restrictions, Rubicon Protection’s insurance covers our operations worldwide. More importantly, there are no restrictions to where we’ll go with you.


Along with geographic coverage, advanced planning plays an important role in executive protection. Rubicon Protection relies on intelligence systems to anticipate and avoid any potential threats to your well-being. Our state-of-the-art software monitors social media threats in real-time, too. Furthermore, we have the capability to apply keywords and geo-fenced search locations which help our analysts identify a threat. Our analysis notifies our field personnel, aka executive protection team, so they can respond accordingly.


You may not have encountered a security threat previously. Nevertheless, it’s good to know where your current security is lacking. A comprehensive threat assessment is a great place to start. First, our team will examine all aspects of your life, habits, and business to pinpoint any security risks. Second, we’ll provide an analysis – from the perspective of a security expert – that highlights your vulnerabilities. Finally, we’ll present our recommendations to fill any gaps.